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iOS 10 enjoyed some of the highest rates of adoption since the iOS first began. Not only was it full of smart new features from the outset, Apple kept those features coming, along with a regular supply of security fixes and improvements. Unfortunately, that did nothing for the jailbreak community and, with only Yalu Jailbreak [ext link] released, many users missed out. Much of this was down to the fact that Yalu would only work on certain iOS 10 devices as well as being semi-untethered. The good news for all iOS users still on is 10 today is that there is a new jailbreak .

Image : Keen Jailbreak iOS 10

Keen Jailbreak for iOS 10 was unveiled at MOSEC, the Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai by team member Min Zheng, better known as being Alibaba’s head security researcher. The jailbreak was shown running on a wide range of iOS devices on iOS 10 and the software was developed by Tencent Keen Lab’s Liang Chen. The jailbreak is expected to experience a large uptake given that more people can now use it and we are going to show you how to download it on your iOS 10 device.

Image : Keen Jailbreak Interface

How to Download Keen Jailbreak iOS 10 :

You will need:

  • Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 10
  • A good internet connection

Safari browser is the only browser this works on :

  1. Open Safari browser and go to the address bar 
  2. Type in and tap on Go   
  3. When the page has loaded tap the UP arrow , top right on the iPad and bottom center of your iPhone screen   
  4. You will now see some new options so tap on Add to Home Screen   
  5. Name your app icon by typing Keen into the box and then tap on Add  
  6. Come out of Safari and the Keen app icon will be on your home screen   

Video: Watch for a demonstration of these steps

The majority of the jailbreak community has had to wait a long time for a new jailbreak, with many not having access to Cydia [ext link] since iOS 9. While we expected to see Taig or Pangu teams releasing regular jailbreaks for iOS 10 it just didn’t happen and, given the lack of communication from either team, we can only assume that they have slipped away from the jailbreak scene.

Image : Cydia iOS 10

Are you going to try Keen Jailbreak ? Tell us what you think of it and follow us on  Facebook for all the latest update.

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