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K33n [ Keen ] jailbreak is the latest utility to be released and it is proving to be a versatile jailbreak. It was first demonstrated at the Mobile Security Conference in Shanghai by a group of research developers and was shown working on a much wider range of devices than the previous couple of jailbreaks worked on.

Image : Keen Jailbreak Delete

Given the lack of information from Taig, Pangu and PP jailbreak teams and that Luca Todesco has now given up on public security research work for the iOS, it seems that Keen is now the future for the jailbreak community.  For those of you that are interested in trying K33n jailbreak, you can check out the post below to see how to do it. You can also find information on what the Keen Jailbreak is all about :

Image : Keen Jailbreak Tool

For most people, downloading Keen Jailbreak will not present any problems but you may come across a problem with it or you may find that it isn’t for you. Should you have any issues with using Keen jailbreak, you might find that the only way or the easiest way to solve them is to delete Keen jailbreak and start again with a clean install. Deleting Keen is dead easy to do and here’s how to do it:

  1. Unlock the screen on your iPhone or iPad
  2. On your iPhone or iPad home screen, locate the icon for Keen app  
  3. Tap the icon and long press it , all the icons on your screen should go into wiggle mode
  4. Now tap the “x” in the top corner of the Keen jailbreak icon
  5. Confirm that you wish to Delete it on the confirmation window 
  6. You should now find that Keen jailbreak is gone from your device

Video: Watch this video to see how to do these steps

Should you want to, you can now follow the steps in the linked post above to download Keen onto your device again.

Tell us what you think of Keen jailbreak and whether you have had to delete it or not. If you have, tell us why you needed to delete Keen jailbreak. Don’t forget to use TinyUmbrella [ext link] every time you update your iOS version to save your SHSH blobs. A future update will give us back the ability to use the popular tool for downgrading to jailbreak an earlier iOS version.

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